Historical Background

The municipality of Patnanungan was formerly a barrio of  Polilio. Nobody lived there then except wildlife and seafarers. During the Second World War, people from Bicol, Polilio, Perez and Infanta discovered this place. A group of guerilla composed of natives of Bicol and Camarines headed by Commander Turko lived there. The place was frequently attacked by Japanese forces, but their quest  were always in vain even when the guerillas were killed in the area, the place was known to be called “Tibalao. But, it did not last, and called again “Tibalao”. 
Years passed, Tibalao was changed to “Patnanungan”. This came from the word “patnaan”, due to the fact that the place was very far from the urban area, thus, whoever come to this place were “Para noong napapatna”. That’s where the word “Patnanungan” was coined.
After the second World War, the barrio of Burdeos in Polilio, became an independent town in time with the change of name of the Province of Quezon instead of  Tayabas. The barrio of Patnanungan was made a part of the town of Burdeos. Patnanungan, although, an island which is distant from civilization soon developed, increased population as well as its income. Because of this, Mayor Corona Ayuste of Burdeos requested the separation of Patnanungan to Burdeos or to be independent. On June 18, 1961, Republic Act 3375 was enacted declaring the independence of Patnanungan. But, as an amendment to the said law, Patnanungan Norte was made the seat of government. On January 27, 1963, the seat of government was transferred to Patnanungan Sur.